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AceSpy Spy Software

AceSpy is PC spy software for home or office use. Secretly see everything your spouse, child or employee does online. Instantly forward their emails and chats to your email address. Block web sites by keywords or addresses. Get an hourly report email containing everything they do online. Check https://jeremyfrimer.com/ and find more tips!


iSpyNOW is award-winning remote spy software. Don’t have physical access to the PC you want to monitor? iSpyNOW allows you to record anyway since it installs from anywhere. When you’re ready to review user activity, simply login to your personal web interface from any Internet connection.


SpyBuddy is award winning spy software. SpyBuddy is a very powerful program featuring unique stealth technology. SpyBuddy records full text logs of emails sent or received, full chat conversations, web sites and more. The recorded activity logs can be sent directly to you via email!

Net Spy Pro

Net Spy Pro is network spy software designed for administrators who need control. Allows you to view any PC screen in real-time and check past recorded activity from anywhere. Features unique discount pricing perfect for corporate, school, government or home networks.


SpyAgent is perhaps the easiest to use spy software tool available. Its simple interface is great for beginners. However being easy doesn’t make it any less powerful. SpyAgent records logs of chats, emails, web sites and more. SpyAgent makes it easy to learn the facts.


Realtime-Spy is the latest in cutting-edge monitoring technology that allows you to actually monitor any PC from anywhere. Realtime-Spy is remotely deployable (no physical installation needed) and logs are accessible from anywhere. Realtime-Spy PLUS for two PC’s.


NetVizor is network spy software designed for any size network. NetVizor allows you to deploy and monitor activity of all PCs within your network from one centralized location. Features real-time surveillance, individual user tracking and advanced remote controls.

WebMail Spy 

WebMail Spy is unique email spy software. This spy software records web-based email such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, MSN Mail. Also records regular emails in Outlook or Outlook Express and America Online (AOL)! Secretly records ALL items sent and received.

Reasons to Use Spy Apps

Cheating Spouses

The Internet has proven itself to be useful to cheating spouses.
If you suspect your husband or wife is having an affair, you might be correct.

  • 85% of WOMEN who feel they have a cheating spouse ARE correct.
  • 50% of MEN who feel they have a cheating spouse ARE correct.
  • 70% of MARRIED WOMEN do not know about their spouses’ affair.
  • 54% of MARRIED MEN do not know about their spouses’ affair.

Spouses and lovers have cheated throughout history. Only recently have affairs grown more common because of the Internet. Whether it is a cyber affair or a physical affair, the Internet plays a major role in almost EVERY affair.

The Internet is used in various ways by a cheating spouse. It can be used simply for communication between physical lovers to chat or plan dates. It can also be used as a tool for cyber affairs. A cyber affair is an affair in which all communication occurs via the Internet rather than through physical meetings. With cyber affairs, the Internet is typically used for sexual chats or simply to communicate between lovers.

Does your spouse seem eager to be at the PC when nobody else is around?

If so, then there’s a good chance that they are doing something you wouldn’t approve of. Too bad you can’t setup a video camera right in front of the monitor to see what happens on the PC.

Employee Monitoring

The Internet has proven itself to be addictive for employees. If you suspect your productivity is suffering because of unwanted employee Internet use, then keep reading.

Take a look at these SHOCKING survey statistics from NUA Surveys.

  • 67% of EMPLOYEES admitted using the Internet for personal reasons.
  • 30% of BUSINESSES were losing a work-day per week to Internet abuse.
  • 57% of BUSINESSES didn’t know what their employees did online.
  • 78% of BUSINESSES blocked employees from specific web sites.

Some employees choose to use the Internet for work-related purposes only. Others decide to abuse the luxury of having the Internet on their workstation. Many employees check personal email, chat with friends and surf sites for personal reasons.

This could cost your company millions in lost productivity. When you “trust” an employee to only do actual work on their workstation, you open yourself up for a great loss, especially in Call Centers and Data Entry Centers.

Imagine an employee left alone in their office or cubicle. What do they do once you are gone? Do they perform work like they are supposed to? Or do they play games and perform other NON-WORK related tasks? As an employer, you can easily monitor employees within your network. This can be done easily with Network Monitoring Software.

Proven very effective, network monitoring spy software can help you increase productivity and maintain employee discipline. It is your right to monitor your employees on a company PC. You can view activity of any PC within your network from your own PC. Software such as Net Vizor and Net Spy Pro can be loaded onto your network to perform various monitoring and administration tasks.

Also available for remote non-network locations is software such as iSpyNOW and Realtime-Spy which can be installed simply by sending them an email. You can check the results from any web browser.

 Child Monitoring

Young people are using the Internet in ever-increasing numbers. Many children encounter unwanted sexual solicitations and exposure to sexual material and harassment online.

In this study, Crimes Against Children Research Center staff interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,501 youth, aged 10 to 17, who used the Internet regularly. “Regular use” was defined as using the Internet at least once a month for the past 6 months on a computer at home, at school, in a library or elsewhere.

The survey results confirm what is already known: although the Internet is a wonderfully fun and educational tool, it can also be very dangerous. According to the survey, one in five youth who regularly use the Internet received sexual solicitations or approaches during a 1-year period.

The survey also found that offenses and offenders are more diverse than previously thought. In addition to pedophiles, other predators use the Internet. Nearly half of the offenders were other youth, and one-fourth were females.

Further, 77 percent of targeted youth were age 14 or older – not an age characteristically targeted by pedophiles. Although the youth stopped most solicitations by leaving the Web site, logging off, or blocking the sender, the survey confirmed current thinking that some youth are particularly vulnerable to online advances.

These types of advances can be monitored and eliminated. Parental control and filtering software such as AceSpy or SpyBuddy can be used to thwart online predators. Web sites can be blocked or monitored and applications can be blocked or monitored. These programs prove to be invaluable to those who seek to actively watch over their children’s surfing habits.

1 in 5 youth had been sexually solicited online in the past year.
1 in 4 youth who had been solicited told their parents or authorities.
1 in 3 parents studied had parental control or filtering software installed.
1 in 2 youth who had been solicited were done so by another youth.


Why use Spy Software?

Perfect for finding out what others do on your computer, spy software is the easy way to reveal the truth. The most common uses of spy software are child monitoring, employee monitoring and spouse monitoring. Is your child being SAFE and mature online? Do your employees WASTE time surfing the web or playing games when unsupervised? Who does YOUR spouse talk to online? Are they communicating with an offline lover?
AceSpy also offers activity filtering. Effectively block undesired web sites and applications easily. Additionally, you can keep a list of words within the software. If any of these words are typed or encountered on a web page, you’ll be sent an instant email or SMS alert. This is excellent for instantly knowing when they are in danger..

What is Spy Software?

Spy Software or monitoring software is a computer program that secretly monitors your PC’s activity. This includes chats, emails and other Internet activity. This computer spy program runs in complete stealth, so it is completely hidden to others using your PC.
AceSpy and other spy software contains no icons, program groups or any other mention of the program. You access the recorded activity by email or by pressing a set of keys together and then entering your password into a window that pops up. Monitoring software is designed in a way that doesn’t slow down your computer.

What is Remote Spy Software?

In order for spy or monitoring software to record activity, it must be installed onto the computer you want to monitor. In most cases, you have access to the computer you want to monitor and can simply walk up to it and install a download. But in some cases, you can’t get to the remote computer to install the software.
Remote spy software such as iSpyNOW and Realtime-Spy allows you to install the software from a remote location through email. Additionally, the user can view all logs remotely by logging into a website and entering their username and password. That’s right, you can actually remotely install the software from ANYWHERE!

What is Network Spy Software?

General spy software such as AceSpy, SpyBuddy and SpyAgent are designed to record user activities on a single computer. However, network spy software such as NetVizor and Net Spy Pro allow you to monitor an entire network of computers. This is typically used for employee network monitoring and educational monitoring, but is also compatible with personal home networks.
Simply install the software on each PC and then you are able to view results and administrate machines from one centralized location. The network monitoring software offered on our site includes additional real-time remote surveillance and administration features. Imagine being able to view an employee’s PC screen in real-time from your PC, reboot their computer, send them a message and much more.

Which Computer Spy Software is Best For Me?

If you need a remote install spy program as stated above, then iSpyNOW or Realtime-Spy are both excellent choices. If you do have physical access to the PC, then AceSpy, SpyBuddy or SpyAgent are the three best spy software choices available. These software packages enable you to easily monitor a spouse, children and/or employees. If you have a network, then NetVizor or Net Spy Pro will monitor your entire employee network.

Can I View the Recorded Activity From Anywhere?

General spy software logs can be viewed on the PC being recorded with the correct password. But sometimes there is a need to be able to view your logs from somewhere else. They can be sent to an SMTP-based email account, but most SMTP-based accounts are ones that anyone else using your PC can view. This is bad since the people being monitored could see their own activity. Anonymous email accounts such as Yahoo and Hotmail are not SMTP-based so they are incompatible.
But now you can add Stealth Email or spy inbox to your order to have a completely anonymous and completely private SMTP-based email account. Stealth Email transforms any ordinary spy software such as AceSpy, SpyBuddy or SpyAgent into a remote-viewing solution. It allows you to login to a website from ANY computer, enter your username and password, and then view results quickly and privately. This is a must-have for anyone seeking even further stealth functionality.

Is Computer Spy Software Easy to Use?

Creators of spy software understand the need for security. But at the same time, we understand that the software must be easy to use. All software on our site is extremely self-explanatory but also comes with complete step-by-step setup instructions, help documentation, frequently asked questions and technical support. If you can surf the web, then you can easily learn how to use computer spy software within minutes.